The speed our complex aviation industry advances is rapid, be it passenger services, cargo, security, logistics or construction. This complexity and speed typically brings about the challenge of short notice change requirements, where we are experienced in responding to.

We are able to make sense of the difficulties within such issues as access passes, along with the more typical services involved with aviation security of vetting and screening. All the while we do so with high levels of attention to detail and customer service.

The passenger experience is also a crucial area where we get it right and through our profound understanding of the customer journey and secure aviation environment we ensure this journey is as smooth as possible for customers. In this area we offer a pragmatic approach in the procedures required of users across the entire journey.

This understanding of the secure environment also means that items and materials coming into CPSRA ‘airside’ environment are complex and heavily regulated. We have a comprehensive understanding of the labyrinth of regulations, especially as their application varies from airport to airport adding further complexity. All of our service solutions are aligned with the CAA (formerly DfT) security requirements.

Security training is vitally important despite pressures on costs. We work with a leading external business for all our security training meaning extremely high standards, and this is indicative of our across-the-board approach towards security, service and safety standards. Our services offer first class value for money and with the flexibility to deal with current unavoidable and unexpected events.


Our commercial experience means we're able to offer a full range of services: from a full front of house team to the smallest key-holding service. Our strength is in our ability to adapt to any situation and respond to the individual requirements of each job – from the biggest to the smallest. With over thirteen years’ experience of providing commercial property service, working mostly with managing agents or property owners we’re experienced at carrying out an extensive service delivery analysis, allowing us to produce a bespoke solution for either an individual property or a portfolio to best fit your buildings needs.

Our service covers the lifecycle of a property, from consultancy at design stage, to security at build and fit-out stages, all the way through to ongoing building management.  This can include everything from the design of security systems that are to be implemented, to filtering the traffic flow, and location of planted trees. As building trends develop and planning laws change, and many more properties are designed for mixed purpose, we have adapted to different styles of security requirements.

We build our services around environmental needs, doing everything possible to support all of the client’s environmental policies and initiatives.


We understand the unique requirements and strict framework councils work within, and have a detailed knowledge of the legislations councils have to comply with. We also recognise the financial constraints and challenges for councils and work with them in order to achieve the best possible results within the given resource, to create the best possible service. We're highly experienced in working within budget and to council procedures, and can be trusted to be fully accountable in every situation.

Our specialist staff can bring their expertise and accredited qualifications and training to local government and Council environments, providing high-quality services such as help-desk control and room management. We understand that councils want to offer the very highest quality of services to their constituents, and our teams share that objective, showing a dedication to delivering outstanding results in all areas of council concern.

The welfare of council employees is paramount, and we work with councils to ensure initiatives like the London Living Wage are encouraged and achieved.


Government-led changes to compliance and legislation in education and commercial council environments are driving rapid change across this sector. We’ve been involved in these changes from the very beginning of the process, and our active involvement in the developments to student accommodation legislature mean we’re fully equipped to provide services which fit these new requirements.

We work on campus sites at universities, as well as primary schools, middle schools and academies, and our multi-disciplined resources can be flexed over all these environments.

We provide an enhanced DBS screening for all staff working in educational establishments, as well as a higher level of training in order to cover in-house skill shortfalls. We can provide specialist staff trained in first aid, drug abuse awareness, and recognising suicidal behaviour. At the heart of the GUK approach is a desire to bring our extensive experience of private sector provision to offer added value to educational establishments. We’re proud to offer a superior, enhanced service to a sector often let down by poorly trained and underpaid staff – we believe the education sector deserves better.

Leisure & Environment

We focus our provision of services for leisure and entertainment venues on creating a secure, safe and friendly environment. Our understanding and experience of the complex dynamics of the leisure and entertainment sector gives us the ability to flex our resource to meet both daytime and night time requirements. We provide a central system of communication for leisure and entertainment facilities, including car parks management, crowd management and taxi services.

We create bespoke, high-quality solutions to fit the requirements of a range of different leisure businesses – retail, commercial, restaurants and entertainment venues. Our multi-disciplined divisions can co-ordinate a range of services including fire evacuation procedures, health and safety monitoring, emergency evacuation, footfall management, crisis management and first aid.

Our experience in this sector means we recognise the varying needs of leisure environments and the changing emphasis of the services required depending on the time of day. We offer full flexibility in terms of the experience and skills of staff required at different periods. Our understanding of the trend towards more rapid change of usage of C2/C3 properties and the evolution of retail parks to leisure parks means that we are able to manage that change of usage transition and can provide the right staff for the changing requirements.


We deliver a high-end residential concierge service. This includes patrolling of common areas and access areas, as well as a neighbourhood scheme. Our experience in managing prestigious buildings means we understand the expectations of the residents, and our definition of the concierge role is similar to the American approach, where a concierge is responsible for providing a full range of services to the residents: from meeting and greeting at the door to managing the mail, laundry delivery, and helping to service the property when residents are away. Our concierge staff are always willing to go the extra mile for the residents, and have extremely high standards of service.

Our understanding of the complex service requirement in these buildings means we offer different types of security officer to fit any individual requirement, identifying the properties where we need to offer higher rates of pay in order to attract the right staff for that particular role.
The GUK approach is a multi-service solution which can be tailored to every tenanted environment. As well as an expert concierge service we can provide management of residential properties with some retail, office facilities and car parks. We offer different styles of manning, service provision and can tailor our service to meet a whole range of customer services requirements; managing systems such as access control, alarm systems and CCTV, as well as the monitoring of those systems.

Our cross-discipline business, and experience of both residential and commercial sectors allows us to bring a wide range of knowledge to every job. We are adept at managing the expectations of residents as well as business and commercial needs.

Shopping Centres

Our approach to security provision at shopping centres is that the team we put in place is very much the face of a shopping centre; and our understanding of that is at the heart of what we provide. The GUK teams become part of your centre. All staff wear the shopping centre logo on their uniforms, and take pride in representing the shopping centre brand.

The expertise and skills of the teams we provide reflect the complex needs of modern shopping centre management. Our multi-service offering includes criminal community management, crisis management, outstanding customer service and the co-ordination of radio management in security situations. GUK staff act as a control centre in crisis management situations, receiving the radio alert and taking responsibility for making the decision to either respond directly or call the police.

Our teams have the experience, confidence and knowledge to take the lead in situations like fire evacuation procedures, assisting with training other contracted staff. We place great importance on empowering the shopping centre staff to take the lead on issues that affect the shopping centre, share information, and act as a liaison between the community and local police. Making sure that staff have the confidence to be proactive and take the initiative in all matters that affect the shopping centre means both the public and the shopping centre management can trust our teams to deliver the best possible service.

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