Shopping Centres

Our approach to security provision at shopping centres is that the team we put in place is very much the face of a shopping centre; and our understanding of that is at the heart of what we provide. The GUK teams become part of your centre. All staff wear the shopping centre logo on their uniforms, and take pride in representing the shopping centre brand.

The expertise and skills of the teams we provide reflect the complex needs of modern shopping centre management. Our multi-service offering includes criminal community management, crisis management, outstanding customer service and the co-ordination of radio management in security situations. GUK staff act as a control centre in crisis management situations, receiving the radio alert and taking responsibility for making the decision to either respond directly or call the police.

Our teams have the experience, confidence and knowledge to take the lead in situations like fire evacuation procedures, assisting with training other contracted staff. We place great importance on empowering the shopping centre staff to take the lead on issues that affect the shopping centre, share information, and act as a liaison between the community and local police. Making sure that staff have the confidence to be proactive and take the initiative in all matters that affect the shopping centre means both the public and the shopping centre management can trust our teams to deliver the best possible service.

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