We deliver a high-end residential concierge service. This includes patrolling of common areas and access areas, as well as a neighbourhood scheme. Our experience in managing prestigious buildings means we understand the expectations of the residents, and our definition of the concierge role is similar to the American approach, where a concierge is responsible for providing a full range of services to the residents: from meeting and greeting at the door to managing the mail, laundry delivery, and helping to service the property when residents are away. Our concierge staff are always willing to go the extra mile for the residents, and have extremely high standards of service.

Our understanding of the complex service requirement in these buildings means we offer different types of security officer to fit any individual requirement, identifying the properties where we need to offer higher rates of pay in order to attract the right staff for that particular role.
The GUK approach is a multi-service solution which can be tailored to every tenanted environment. As well as an expert concierge service we can provide management of residential properties with some retail, office facilities and car parks. We offer different styles of manning, service provision and can tailor our service to meet a whole range of customer services requirements; managing systems such as access control, alarm systems and CCTV, as well as the monitoring of those systems.

Our cross-discipline business, and experience of both residential and commercial sectors allows us to bring a wide range of knowledge to every job. We are adept at managing the expectations of residents as well as business and commercial needs.

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