The speed our complex aviation industry advances is rapid, be it passenger services, cargo, security, logistics or construction. This complexity and speed typically brings about the challenge of short notice change requirements, where we are experienced in responding to.

We are able to make sense of the difficulties within such issues as access passes, along with the more typical services involved with aviation security of vetting and screening. All the while we do so with high levels of attention to detail and customer service.

The passenger experience is also a crucial area where we get it right and through our profound understanding of the customer journey and secure aviation environment we ensure this journey is as smooth as possible for customers. In this area we offer a pragmatic approach in the procedures required of users across the entire journey.

This understanding of the secure environment also means that items and materials coming into CPSRA ‘airside’ environment are complex and heavily regulated. We have a comprehensive understanding of the labyrinth of regulations, especially as their application varies from airport to airport adding further complexity. All of our service solutions are aligned with the CAA (formerly DfT) security requirements.

Security training is vitally important despite pressures on costs. We work with a leading external business for all our security training meaning extremely high standards, and this is indicative of our across-the-board approach towards security, service and safety standards. Our services offer first class value for money and with the flexibility to deal with current unavoidable and unexpected events.

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