Workplace violence report – by Justin Quigley MSc CPP PSP


Workplace violence is considered one of the dominant risks faced by organisations operating in diverse commercial sectors across the globe.  Workplace violence features prominently in the top ten list of major security concerns impacting upon global business and especially those operating within the UK, mostly due to liability issues rather than the number of actual incidents.  According to the HSE there were an estimated 569,000 incidents of violence at work 2014/15 comprising 308,000 assaults and 261,000 threats.  Strangers were the offenders in 54% of cases of workplace violence. Among the 46% of incidents where the offender was known, the offenders were most likely to be clients or a member of the public known through work.

Effective physical security measures comprising personnel, procedures and equipment are the most effective mitigation strategy in cases of workplace violence, coupled with robust recruitment, selection and screening procedures.  Tailored security measures provide protection against external threats whilst effective screening of potential recruits ensures that the threat from within is reduced or eliminated.

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