Protecting Corporate UK.


Corporate UK is characterised by one distinguishing feature - resilience. The ability to emerge from crises, both locally and globally-induced, remains an important factor in the success of London and the UK as a leading hub for global business.

From day-to-day security operations, long-range risk management strategy, to security industry policy, Guarding UK has been at the forefront of protection management for over 7 years.

Our primary role is two-fold: planning and protection - strategic and operational.

As your Risk Management partner, we place our unparalleled portfolio of skills at your disposal. Perhaps our contribution to Corporate UK can best be measured by our contribution to the Security Industry Association. We play a key role in setting industry standards, shaping policy, and taking a leadership position in maintaining the highest delivery standards.

Our Core services

Protection is a complex business. Managing an asset to ensure capital appreciation or safeguard value depreciation – or both - is a full-time, professional undertaking.

At Guarding UK, we provide this through our core services:

Our Core services Key holding service Responce and Patrol service Manned Guarding Service